Independent thinker, philosopher and visionary

Jason Verbelli is an independent thinker, philosopher and visionary, who many consider a wise man. His focus is the work of Walter Russell, Professor John Searl’s technology, and similarities between Science and Spirituality. There’s no doubt he’s on par with a number of historical and current figures who have paved the way with unconventional perspectives in the sciences. Jason’s uplifting ideology is unique and for the past 6 years has dedicated himself to presenting information not mentioned anywhere in mainstream news or even many libraries.

He’s a walking archive of valuable information. The technology Jason promotes could provide humanity with a number of reliable solutions to a huge range of environmental and health issues we face today.

Examples of these solutions involve Structured Water and why it’s important, the implications of Coded Magnets and their Geometries, Nuclear Remediation, and addressing contradictions/ misconceptions in mainstream models.

For a first hand look at Jason’s experiments, perspectives and easy to understand discussions about alternative sciences,  please visit his youtube channel.

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