Dr. Johan Oldenkamp is an all-round scientific researcher, based in the Netherlands. He is the author of 25 books. The main title of his latest book is ‘Wholly Science’.

In this book, he shows that the universities only offer descriptions of all phenomena, instead of profound scientific explanations. This book also reveals that neither the churches offer genuine insights in the nature of our reality. The reason that both the universities and the churches offer misguidance is the artificial division between physics and metaphysics.

Science without spirituality is dead and soulless, as clearly demonstrated by all modern universities. On the other hand, spirituality without science is fantasy and ungrounded, as clearly demonstrated by all churches, including New Age. Wholly Science is the whole of spirituality and science. It tells the whole story of the bigger picture. Within Wholly Science, spirituality functions like a beating heart. Wholly Science unifies astronomy and astrology into cosmology.

It combines Quantum Physics with Alchemy. It marries Theos (from Theology) with Sophia (from Philosophy). Wholly Science answers all questions that arise from the process of awakening humanity is experiencing right now. The book ‘Wholly Science’ is available as a free e-book on http://pateo.nl/ In various videos, also available on that website, Johan Oldenkamp presents the essence of Wholly Science.

Thirdly, also many articles written by Johan Oldenkamp can be found on http://pateo.nl/

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